Thinking about a name

What’s in a name. Don’t even get me started. A name is an important way of signaling your intent. But what is my intent. I need to try to define my purpose.

Thinking about a purpose
Ah, what’s my purpose of doing what I do? A good question (which in it self is a bad answer). Sometimes you should do stuff simply because you can’t help doing them. I can’t help telling stories, bad jokes and make half witted observations. So this is my place for doing just that. But this unfortunately doesn’t get me any closer to a name. Perhaps figuring out what I’m going to write about will help, so off to define some subjects.

I’ve been reading blogs for some time and I’ve come to the rather obvious conclusion that the best blogs are written by people who feel for their subject (or get paid big money). So what do I really feel for… Food? Music? Programming? Gaming?...
Well all of the above plus a few random acts of interest. So no single subject just a container of stuff with me as the common denominator. No obvious name there… so who is my target audience?

So who would read a blog about things I feel for… well I would. Perhaps my wife, a few friends and maybe the occasional lost internet traveler. So the target audience is me, with a peripheral group of 5-6 random geeks (my wife included). Ok that’s settled then, I’m the audience. So if I’m the audience and I speak Danish and most the peripheral audience also speak Danish why would I write in English… a small paradox leading me to think that I’m doing this for some other reason which aren’t apparent to me right now. So an illusion, but a real illusion not that smoke and mirrors stuff. A genuine illusion. My genuine illusion.

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