Arrest the sweet little old lady

Zapped past the yet another little old lady solving crimes the other night and it occurred to me.

If I as a police officer arrived at a crime scene and found a little sweet old lady whom just happened to be close by when the murder occurred, and she just happened to be related to the victim in some strange ways she would be a suspect. And if that old lady later on solved the crime by coming up with a strange story involving a long lost brother, a jealous priest and hungry cat I would most likely think “OK. That’s strange but the story seems to match”.

The second time it happened with the same old lady I would properly think “OK. That’s the second time that happened. There is something strange going on here.”

I might even go along with here story the third time.

But next time I happened I would drag here off for some serious questioning, cause if I’ve ever seen circumstantial evidence, this is it. 

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