Does anteaters bite?…

Yesterday on the tv there was a program where a veterinarian in customs had a small problem with a escaped anteater. A carpenter called in to help came with a fantastic question. “Does it bite?” and veterinarian didn’t know…

So off cause I had to find out.

Now let’s remember what an anteater looks like, the spices of anteater was Tamandua Mexicana, which is one of the small ones.
- Small : check (about the size of a small dog)
- Furry : check (would make a nice fur coat according to my wife)
- Long tong : check (well maybe it can lick you to death)
- Big claws : check (those are actually the ones to watch)
- Big mouth with large pointy teeth : Not so much

It would actually appear that the anteater has no teeth...

The skull of and anteater looks like this

So the answer the question is. “NO” the anteater doesn’t bite.

But several people have actually been killed by their claws. So to answer a different and broader question “is it safe?” the answer would have to be “Nop”

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